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Money Cannot Make You Rich

We are bombarded by an idea that in order to get rich, you must have money to invest. It’s true that money is one of the things needed to get rich but haven’t you considered the fact, "if you give lots of money to the person who has no knowledge on how to use it or invest it in order to grow and become financially independent and rich”, would that kind of person really become rich?

Money can’t make you rich. Some people are fortunate. They might inherit huge amount of money from their parents. Or some would win million of cash prize in the lottery. What if those people holding massive cash don’t know how to grow their money? They might gradually run out of cash due to unreasonable and wasteful spending of money. Money can’t make you rich.

Think of the richest people in the world without skills

Some of the richest people in the world are Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault and Warren Buffet. Imagine this. Let’s say, we give them plenty of money but we take their business skills, investing skills, or software skills out of their life, could they become what they are right now?

What makes you rich either?

You have already a hint above. It’s the skill or talent which makes you rich. According to, "skill is the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc." We are born with unique skills or talents in different fields. The more talented you are, the higher you get paid. The higher you get paid, the richer you become. Consider those highly talented people in sports and entertainment. They became richer as their skills became more developed. Here are some of the rich people in the world of sports and entertainment as listed in Forbes:
Steven Spielberg (film director) - $3.0 billion as of 2011
Oprah Winfrey (media host) - $2.7 billion
Michael Jordan (basketball player) - $500 million net worth as of 2010
David Beckham (football player) - $219 million net worth as of 2011
Manny Pacquiao (boxer) - $70 million net worth
Justin Bieber (singer) - $105 million
You can also be rich in the corporate world through your job. Do you like to know the highest paid employees in the planet? Here are some of them as listed by GMI’s 2011 CEO Pay Survey:
John H. Hammergren (CEO of McKesson Corporation) - $145,266,971 total compensation of 2010
Joel F. Gemunder (CEO of Omincare, Inc.) - $98,283,242 total compensation of 2010
John C. Plan (CEO of TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.) - $76,841,646 total compensation of 2010
Frank Coyne (CEO of Verisk Analytics, Inc.) - $69,416,726 total compensation of 2010
Thomas M. Ryan (CEO of CVS Caremark Corporation) - $68,079,823 total compensation of 2010
Adam Metz (CEO of General Growth Properties, Inc.) - $66,707,460 total compensation of 2010
You can also be rich through your computer or software skills such as:
Bill  Gates (Microsoft co-founder) - $59 billion net worth as of 2011
Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) – $18.1 billion net worth as of 2011
Sergey Brin (Google co-founder) - $16.7 billion net worth as of 2011
Larry Page (Google co-founder) - $16.7 billion net worth as of 2011
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook co-founder) - $17.5 billion as of 2011
Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder) - $650 million net worth as of 2011

Always remember this: The more skillful you are, the richer you become. Money will just follow you as you work hard developing your skills.


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