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1000 ways to make money

Funny title, right? That’s just a title o. One of the most difficult things for dreamers is how to develop their dream into reality. The big question is “Which way to go?”
We attend seminars, read books, watch videos, learn from role models and do lots of things just to make our way to success. But I tell you, these won’t do. All you need to succeed is personal development. You are the only one that can develop yourself to attain success. Nobody can really tell you how to go about it. The only thing people could do is to motivate you; the real work is with you and no other person.

If I write a 200-page book on “1000 ways to make money” selling for $10 and Bill Gates write a 4-page bulletin on “2 ways to make money” selling for $20. Which one will you buy?
12.5% said they would buy my book
75% said they would buy Bill Gates’ book
4.2% said they would buy none
8.3% said they would buy both

Wondering what my answer will be if I am asked this question? My answer will be to buy none. Why?
If I have 1000 ways to make money, why am I not making the money already and be outstandingly rich? You won’t want to learn from a novice, right? Then, my book is not the best for you.
Successful people don’t sell out the secret behind their success. Bill Gates’ business has so many competitors that he won’t want to sell out the secret of his success to anybody. Even if a successful person sells out his secret, I can guarantee you the stuff is out-dated. He used this secret back in 199*, we are in 2014. Ideas are like drugs, they expire and when you use them after their expiration, they hurt you. Bill Gate’s book is not the best for you either.
Another question … “Then, what is the best for me?”
All those seminars, books and co can only work for a few; those who have the opportunity to exhibit and realize them. Can everyone work in the same direction and succeed? NO! You need to unlock your unique potentials and dive with it into the business world to excel. The world is not going to buy the same idea that some guys used back in the 90′s. The world is only going to appreciate a new idea or the improved version of that idea.
Come to think of it, if we want to stick to the idea of the Wright brothers, we probably wouldn’t have all the jets we have today. If no one used a better idea to develop the fluorescent bulbs we have today, so many people would have been in the Thomas Edison’s bulb business and some people will be losing it in that business.
Nurture your dream by discovering your talent; developing it yourself; diving into the business world with your unique potential and we will surely meet at the top.

Thanks for reading.
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