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Making Money and the College Student

Stories about impoverished college students abound. Typically, the narrative goes something like this: students have barely enough money to pay for tuition, fees and books, with perhaps just enough money left over to subsist on Ramen noodles.
Unless you are happy with a pasta-dominated diet, you will likely yearn for something more substantial. That also means finding ways to bring in more money while attending college. The following are some suggestions on how you can make money this academic year.
1. Get your priorities in order first. You are in college to learn and that should take precedence over everything else. If you are too busy trying to earn money, then you will not learn what you need to know.
2. Apply for an on-campus job. Colleges and universities typically employ students on a part-time or a temporary basis. Such students fill in the gaps where faculty and college staff are not able to get the work done. Inquire through your college’s financial aid department about possible available jobs. Some positions are available only for upperclassmen.
3. Provide tutoring services. If you are especially adept at a particular subject, then you are in a position to teach students that need assistance. Your college may be looking for students such as yourself to work at its tutoring lab. You may also be able to find a freelance position with a student who will simply pay you to help him or her out.
4. Freelance online. There are so many ways to make money online. If you have a talent, then you need to tell others about what you do. This can be done through an established website such as that connects people who have a talent to customers that need their business. You might also post an ad on offering your services.
5. Offer landscaping services. Near your campus are homeowners who are often too busy to handle yard work on their own. These homeowners may include college faculty as well as professors. Regardless, if you do not mind working hard to cut grass, rake leaves, aerate lawns, trim bushes and trees, clean pools, straighten out sheds or remove snow, then you are an ideal candidate to pick up some work.
6. Provide social media services. A website such as Fiverr is a good place to pick up some cash. Lots of small businesses are looking for people to do simple jobs such as monitoring their social media performance. By using Fiverr, you can tout your expertise and earn $4 for each quick gig completed (Fiverr charges a $1 service fee). There are other sites similar to Fiverr, including some that pay more. Gigbucks, TenBux, Tenrr and TwentyVille are some that come to mind.
7. Perform human intelligence tasks. Mechanical Turk is the name of an Amazon program that allows people to perform simple tasks online. When you sign up you are given a list of human intelligence tasks or HITS that you can try. Typically, these involve simple steps such as going to a website, highlighting a section, and cutting and pasting that into the supplied form. HITs typically pay from five cents, but can be performed quickly. You won’t get rich, but you may find yourself earning an extra $10 to $20 when you really need it. Funds are deposited monthly to your account.
8. Sell body parts. It may sound odd, but you can make money by selling yourself. Not your entire body, rather portions of it that others want. This can include blood, plasma, hair, even eggs or sperm. You can make even greater sums of money by selling a kidney, but we are not recommending that. Consider a local plasma bank to hawk a little bit of yourself.
9. Make it to sell it. If you have a certain skill set such as crafts, then you can make things to sell. There are online shops such as where you can market your wares. People value homemade items and are willing to pay top dollar if you are talented. Quilts, bookshelves, pillows, bird houses and novelty items are some things people want to buy.
10. Pawn what you own. Perhaps you own something of value that you no longer need. Give due consideration to what you might sell and how you will part with it. One way is to make use of a pawnshop where you take your item in and the owner loans you money and gives you a loan ticket. If you decide to get the item back, you can repay the loan plus interest. Otherwise, simply let the loan expire and you can keep the money.

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