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Amazon India's Big Diwali Sale and Other Tech Deals

Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Flash Sale
Amazon is going to run a massive flash sale for the next one week. Amazon's Diwali Dhamaka sale will run from October 10 till October 16. The sale comprises of Amazon's traditional Lightning Deals, but with better prices and more products than usual. The deals will run from 7 am to 6 pm during the sale period. Amazon will display upcoming Lightning Deals, so if you're planning on grabbing one, make sure you're in front of a computer or a smartphone by the time it goes live.
Here are a few tips you could use:
1. Lightning Deals always have a limited stock. Make sure you're on the web page at least a few minutes ahead of the deal's timing. Hit the Add to cart button the moment the deal goes live.
2. If a product appears "100% claimed", join the waitlist if you're really serious about buying it. People are supposed to checkout within 14 minutes, and if they don't the deal gets passed on to the next person in the queue.
3. Almost all Lightning Deals are Amazon Fulfilled listings, so don't worry about return policies, or shipping timelines.
4. The sales will get better during the weekend.
5. Make sure you make use of the cashback offers. These are currently valid for HDFC Bank credit and debit cards. You can use multiple cards to ensure maximum cashback.
Items worth looking out for during the Amazon Diwali Dhamaka Sale: Microsoft Xbox One, Kindle readers, laptops, smartphones, wireless routers, headphones and speakers.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders
Apple's latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available for pre-orders in India. This is probably the first time a number of online stores are taking pre-orders for the iPhone. There are a number of ways you can save a little money while pre-ordering the new iPhones. Croma Retail is offering cashback of up to Rs. 2,500 on MasterCard cards if customers convert their transactions into 12-month EMIs. HDFC card users can get a 10 percent cashback with no minimum transactions. If you're pre-ordering the new iPhones on Amazon, you could buy e-gift cards using multiple HDFC Bank credit and debit cards to get up to Rs.2500 cashback on each. You can then use these vouchers to pre-order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
Prices: Starting at Rs. 53,500 (effective price Rs. 51,000 after cashback)

House of Marley audio gear
Amazon's Diwali sale has the House of Marley earphones, headphones, and portable speakers at a massive discount. You can get the Get Together Bluetooth portable audio system speakers for Rs. 9,995 (regular Rs.19,990), and the Liberate wireless speaker for Rs. 3,995 (regular Rs.7,990). There are earphones and headphones with discounts up to 55 percent. The Harambe headphones with mic (compatible with most smartphones and all Apple devices) are for Rs. 1,495 (regular Rs.2,990). All House of Marley products are currently exclusive to Amazon.
Link: Amazon
50 percent Off On Samsung Smart Cameras
Amazon has slashed prices on Samsung's smart cameras for this week. All cameras in the line up are now available at a discount of 50 percent. You can grab the Samsung WB50F 16.2MP digital camera for Rs. 7,950 (regular Rs.15,900). The camera is capable of connecting to devices using WiFi and NFC, and comes with a 3-inch display panel. There's a bundled 4GB memory card that comes with the camera. The Samsung NX Mini 20.5-MP CMOS digital camera is now available for Rs. 16,950 (regular Rs. 33,900). The camera comes with interchangeable lens, and a 3-inch LCD with touchscreen support that flips up.
Link: Amazon
Apple iPad Mini (WiFi, 16GB, Space Grey)
Apple's iPad Mini 16GB WiFi is now selling for Rs. 15,900 on Amazon. The stocks will be very limited, don't expect a sweeter price tag than this. Other online retailers are selling the same variant for around Rs. 17,500 to Rs. 19,000. If you're in the market for a new iPad Mini, and don't care much about the Retina variant, this is a great deal. Couple this up with the HDFC cashback offer and you can save another Rs. 1,590 on that sweet price!
Price: Rs. 15,900
Link: Amazon

GOQii Life Fitness Band
Looking for a cheap fitness band? Here's one that comes with a personal coach too. GOQii's Life fitness band is now available with a 3-month plan for Rs. 3,999 till the end of this month. These fitness bands offer a personal coach to motivate and guide users as they track their fitness activities from the smart wearable. At the end of 3 months you can keep the band, and it'll still work but you won't get access to their personal coach. You can obviously invest in a great fitness book after that.
Price: Rs. 3,999 (for 3-month subscription and the band)
Link: Amazon
Affordable 4K Smart TVs From VU
Snapdeal is selling VU's 4K 3D smart TVs at a little discount this week. These TVs are probably the most affordable 4K TVs in the market right now. There's a 50-inch variant, and a 55-inch variant - both with pretty much the same feature set. The pricing begins at Rs. 79,900 for the 50-inch model, and the 55-inch costs Rs. 1,29,900. There's a 5 percent cashback offer for HDFC Bank cards and American Express card users. At that price, it's a pretty good deal. These TVs come with standard 1-year warranty from VU.
The TVs promise a resolution of 3840x2160 on an A+ grade panel. The company claims a response time of around 6 ms, and a 178 degrees viewing angle. These VU 4K TVs come with built-in support for WiFi, and there's an ethernet port in case you want to hook up the TV to a network cable. There are four HDMI ports on each, and support for DLNA as well.
Price: Rs.79,900 for 50-inch TV

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