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How to Making Money With Google Trends

Google Trends keep Internet marketers updated on what people are searching for online and represents a fairly straightforward way to make money from AdSense and other affiliate promotions.

Register a blog or website, and monetize your Internet space with Google Adsense. This step is will neither cost you money nor will it be time consuming. In fact, Google offers users free blogs with its Blogger publishing platform, as does Wordpress. If you register for the Google Adsense program, you can arrange for small advertisements to appear on chosen webpages. Any time that visitors click on these ads, you will receive a certain amount of money.

Refer to constantly updated data on Google Trends. The beauty of Google Trends is that it functions in almost real-time. This service provided by Google seeks to track user interest in common search terms. Thus, if you enter the words "make money," you will presented with a line graph that will chart the popularity of this term over the span of several years. However, by comparison, a search for the term "making money" reveals a lower search volume. Thus, if you are trying to decide which of these terms to include in a blog post, you may want to use "make money," since it will probably bring more visitors to your blog and those visitors may decide to click on your Adsense ads. 

Use Google Trends to assess your competition. In addition to supplying data about common search terms, Google Trends will also give you information about websites. This is valuable to you if you are seeking to make money with Google Trends, since you can discover how your competition is performing. Perhaps the websites you are studying have experienced peaks of traffic in the past, but have declined in popularity in the last few months. Thus, data from this application will help to remove mystery from the websites and allow you to see how they tick.

Gauge the value of time in Google Trends data. Time is a vital factor in advertising, and Google Trends is the best place to look if you are trying to assess the popularity of particular keywords over time. When choosing keywords for your writing, choose words with staying power, and not simply words that are popular for a few days before disappearing from the radar of Internet users. Study data and try to infer reasons why certain terms rise and fall in popularity. 

Examine data on regions, cities or language to learn about the makeup of your audience. When you use keywords in your writing, you are targeting your work to specific readers. Ideally, these readers are English-speaking; however, they may speak other languages depending on the keywords you use. For example, Google Trends states that nearly as many people from Japan are entering term "iPod" in Google search bars as from the United States. The more you know about your audience, the more you can target this audience with keyword-rich articles.

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